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Gentle Yoga is a slower paced yoga practice that focuses on the breath and deep stretches within each pose.  Find what feels good in this restorative gentle practice that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  This class can be customized with any intention or music preference and we can incorporate any preferred poses.  Our standard class will focus on Letting Go and Finding What Feels Good.



All Seasons Yoga prides itself in our meditation offering.  We are firm believers if you can have the ability to mediate and let your mind release that the physical practice and benefits will follow that.  We believe that it is great for the mind, body and soul, to take time out for you and find the internal energy that we all encompass.    Our standard mediation practice will work through cultivating energy, positivity, and removing any self-judgment or negative vibes.

Yoga by the Pool


Paddleboard yoga is offered in the spring and summer months.  We hold regular classes on Crooked Lake in Coon Rapids, but also have the ability to come to you, fully equipped with up to 10 Paddleboards and life vests.  Paddleboard yoga is a great way to cultivate energy and be one with nature.  You will not want to leave the board after this amazing, energizing practice on the water.

Lotus Pose


Foundations of Yoga will take you through the Yoga basics, focusing on the basic poses of yoga.  Honoring the foundations will help establish a sound practice.  This class is best utilized as a longer term class as it will take more than one class to get through the basic poses.  You will leave these classes feeling educated and connected to oneself.

Head Stand Pose


Vinyasa Flow is a more intensive physical practice. There is still focus on the breath, but we move through the poses at a faster pace. This is a great stress reliever and a great class for those that like to get their sweat on! Our Standard class will focus on Letting Go, Boosting Confidence and Energizing the mind and body.

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